Wogart 2020
Issues of International Finance in Developing Countries
Financial Services and the Poor - Part 2
Inhalt: Techniques and methods vary widely, but the major issue for the many micro-finance institutions is to maintain the enthusiasm and become financially viab le at the same time. For some of them it has meant to serve successful customer with larger loans. and turn into regular finance institutions, which may abandon the poor. For others, the support of NGOs will keep these institutions in banking for the working, saving and investing poor.

HINWEIS: Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache. Das Skript zum Vortrag umfasst 5 Seiten Text.
Stichwörter: Internationale Finanzierung Entwicklungsländer Schwellenländer Finanzsysteme Lateinamerika Asienkrise Kleinstkredite Mikro-Finanzierung Bretton Woods Institutionen Internationaler Währungsfond Weltbank Vortrag
Referent: Dr. Jan-Peter Wogart (Hochschule Bremen)
Länge: 14.53 Minuten
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